Welded meshes parts
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Perfopol is the largest manufacturer of wire mesh and perforated steel sheets in central Europe. The factory consistently modernizing machine equipment and use new technologies in metal processing. In the company you can order every kinds of welded meshes, perforated sheets or metal elements use in haevy industry. Many years of experience and well educated employers gives you guarantee best solutions for customers from different sectors of industry. We have all kinds of welded meshes made from steel and color metal. Some of them are coated laminate or painted protecticve. Also the factory create metal sheets from steel, brass or aluminium. Welded meshes are made from best materials taken from ironworks all over the world. Technological advancement and our experience in metal machining gives us opportunity to cooperate with many producers and distributors. We are offering welded meshes for building industry or manufactures gates and fences. The company is looking for constantly new technologies and increase their solutions for industry.

Nazwa: PPUH Perfopol Sp. z o.o.

Adres: Radomska 76 27-200 Starachowice

Adres www: www.anzyfootball.pl