Steel sheet perforation

Perfopol"s diversified and expanded offer includes, above all, steel construction elements that are very popular among representatives of various industries. We are able to offer our clients the highest class perforated sheets, which are made of durable and rust-resistant steel. The stainless steel used by Perfopol is additionally resistant to direct action of strong acids. Of course, our offer also includes all types of steel mesh, which we produce according to various production methods. We create both drawn nets and braided nets. Welded meshes are also highly functional. Perfopol also manufactures ladder rungs, perforated work platforms, as well as other types of elements, which, like perforated sheets, are available at very affordable prices. Also, do not forget to order a personalized steel structure that can arise from welded and bent steel pipes. We also create any kind of perforations on the sheet metal surface. At our extensive production facilities, we also have equipment for baking sheet metal and their precise cutting.

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